Peter Hook and The Light


Neopakovatelná šance zažít důvěrně známé Substance i střípky dalších opusů na vlastní kůži v Brně. 

P.S. Doporučuje Ian Curtis a zhruba devadesát procent interpretů, co máte rádi.

19:00 doors
20:00 - 22:30 Peter Hook & The Light

PŘEDPRODEJ / Presale:  550 Kč (+ poplatky sítě)
► Hostel Eleven, Dominikánská 11, (denně 8-22, bez poplatků)
► INDIES, Poštovská 2

Let Love Tear You Apart

Peter Hook is the co-founder of the cult band Joy Division and later also New Order. He is the author of countless iconic bass lines. His current band, Peter Hook and The Light revives the greatest songs of both groups. This is an unrepeatable chance to experience in Brno the famed Substance albums, featuring hits such as Love Will Tear Us Apart and Blue Monday in their authentic form. This is not cheap revival entertainment, but an authentic gala performance from one of the writers of the songs. 
P.S. This shouldn’t really need a recommendation, but – if you’re a fan of The Cure, The Banshees, Depeche Mode and post-punk music, this is for you…